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"When I created the formula, I immediately went for performance-based ingredients."

Marina Trani, Vive founder

Why Vive?

Is it clinically proven?

Our unique formula has been through rigorous independent testing and has been proven to greatly improve your skin in just four weeks.

Why does Vive work for your skin?

Our patented Tri-Active Formula of CBD, Zinc Oxide and Niacinamide targets skin changes brought on by declining oestrogen.

How does it combat dryness?

Emollients, Vitamin C and Vitamin E rebuild your skin barrier to lock in moisture for lasting hydration.

What is the CBD for?

CBD has been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory that can result in a reduction of redness and blemishes on your skin.

Is it clinically proven?
Why does Vive work for your skin?
How does it combat dryness?
What is the CBD for?


Our formula is infused with emollients, aloe and natural oils to lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration.


Our Niacinimide infused formula brings the sparkle back to your skin by strengthening your skin barrier.


Our products can reduce blemishes with our patented formula of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Before & After

this image shows a participant from our clinical trials after four weeks of continued use of Day Defence

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