Skincare News

Get ready for our 30-day skincare challenge – transform your skin in just four weeks
Sep 28, 2023
From October 1st we are launching the Vive 30-Day Challenge. The challenge has been set...

World menopause month: empowering women through self-care
Sep 27, 2023
October is World Menopause Month, a time to raise awareness about perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause and their impact on women's lives. During this important month, Vive is dedicated to empowering women by promoting self-care practices that can help manage the challenges and symptoms associated with menopause.

From Acne to Anti-Aging: How CBD can address a range of skin concerns
Sep 14, 2023
At Vive Skincare, we believe in providing natural, effective skincare solutions that can help address a range of skin concerns. That's why we've harnessed the power of CBD to create a skincare line that's gentle, safe, and highly effective.

Level up your skincare routine with Niacinamide
Sep 07, 2023
Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a powerful ingredient that has become increasingly popular in skincare products. This versatile ingredient offers several benefits for the skin, making it a great addition to any skincare routine for women of any age. 

Seasonal skincare: how to have glowing skin all year round
Aug 22, 2023
At Vive, we believe in taking care of your skin all year round. As the...

Glow on the go: tips for your holiday skincare
Aug 22, 2023
When you're travelling, it can be easy to let your skincare routine fall by the...