About VIVE

With you on the most important journey: life.

Our philosophy

Unstress your skin: unstress your life.

Our skin tells the story of our lives; when we are challenged with physical or emotional stress, visible signs can appear on our skin that might leave us feeling defenceless and exposed. Our products have been engineered to work with your skin, using only scientifically proven ingredients that build strength and resilience, mitigating signs of strain and protecting us from environmental harm. We believe healthy, happy skin is central to a stress-free life.

Empower yourself through your skin.

Our story

Made by women, for women

Marina has worked in Research & Development for 34 years. With an entire career spent studying chemistry and biology, she has extensive knowledge of the science behind skin and how to improve its health and appearance. As Marina noticed changes in how her skin was behaving – increased sensitivity, redness, dryness, and blemishes, she used her scientific knowledge to create a product that would build up the strength of her skin to make it more resilient to stress and deliver vital antioxidants and vitamins.

“I only wanted to use ingredients that I knew something about, where I understood the science: that they were helpful without adding anything extra. I have a lot of empathy for my own skin and feel the need to take care of it in the best possible way.”

No frills: just science. Vive products use best-in-class ingredients to build deep hydration and moisturisation alongside antioxidant power. Having studied the growing weight of evidence pointing to cannabidiol (CBD) providing great anti-inflammatory properties, Marina combined these powerful actives to produce our CBD Tri-Active Formula.